Times of upheaval are also creative times. This is clearly evident in the Belarusian art scene, critical of the regime, which has experienced a blossoming since the beginning of the protests in August 2020 and is increasingly turning the uprising into a cultural protest through ever-new artistic forms. However, artistic initiatives and activists in Belarus, in particular, are under political threat, which has led to an exodus of many artists to other European countries and thus to a very fragmented Belarusian art scene. 

The BelarusArtChange project aims to promote networking and consolidation of the Belarusian critical art scene. A joint online platform serves as a contact point for young artists from Belarus, who will have an opportunity to strengthen their skills and professionalize through sustainable and complementary education and information programme. In addition, the networking with Polish experts planned by the project offers the opportunity to establish extended and sustainable international networks. The results of this cooperation will be shown in an exhibition of works by Belarusian and Polish artists in Poznan planned for the autumn.

The Rönne Foundation is implementing the project together with the Belarusian association of dissident artists KALEKTAR and the Polish art community and art space Domie.

The project is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.