Study Visit of ” Support for minority youth in Georgia” Project Participants in Germany

From May 12th to 18th, 2023, 10 ethnic Azerbaijani and Armenian students engaged in the project “Support for Minority Youth,”  participated in an one-week study visit to Berlin, Germany.

The objective of the study visit was to learn and familiarize with best practices of German organizations. During this study visit, the participants had the opportunity to visit state funds and non-governmental organizations working on topics of youth engagement, gender equality, human rights advocacy, and environmental protection. 

Below are the reflections and impressions shared by the project participants regarding their study visit:

Study visit to Germany proved to be an incredibly fascinating experience. I acquired valuable knowledge and had the opportunity to learn from non-governmental organizations, discovering their best practices. This newfound knowledge will greatly benefit me in my future project endeavors.

Kizbas Iskandarova

Rafik Krmajyan

My study visit to Germany was full of remarkable impressions. I acquired new knowledge and familiarized myself with various working methods adopted by organizations. I utilized my time effectively and returned to Georgia with high motivation and a positive outlook.

Ana Arutuniani

The study visit to Germany held tremendous significance for me, as cooperation with non-governmental organizations plays a vital role in my professional activities. Consequently, acquainting myself with the specific workings of European organizations and their best practices was of utmost importance. Prior to this project, I had not had the opportunity to do so, making this study visit a great achievement for me. German organizations generously shared their experiences and crucial details of their activities, which will enable us to implement the best practices in Georgia. I returned from Germany brimming with motivation and variaty of impressions.

Goar Agjoyan

The study visit to Germany was an exceptionally fruitful and captivating experience for me. Being abroad for the first time, I observed everything with great attentiveness. Interacting with diverse organizations in Germany, understanding their activities, goals, and strategies proved to be both productive and inspiring. The Germans’ high sense of responsibility towards their country and society left a lasting impression on me.

I was excited when I learned about the opportunity to travel to Germany, as it marked my first trip to Europe. I held great curiosity about the work dynamics of German organizations. Meetings with both, state funds and non-governmental organizations left a distinct and memorable impact on me.

Sevinj Guseinova

The project is implemented by  Development and Engagement Platform in partnership with the Rönne-Stiftung, with financial support of Federal Foreign Office.