Online Projektpräsentation

Am 9.12. fand die Präsentation unserer gemeinsamen Arbeit im Projekt BelarusArtChange statt:

Critical Art in Belarus and Poland beyond established mindsets

Digital exhibition tour and artist talk.

What is the situation like for Belarusian artists living in exile, what are the topics and challenges they deal with in their everyday lives and in their artistic work? How have their influence and role developed and changed since the uprisings in the summer of 2020? What future scenarios does the community see for Belarus and what role do they envisage for artists in their realisation?
On this evening we would like to present and discuss our ideas and answers to all these questions together with artists, curators and experts.  We would also like to give an insight into our joint project work, especially the exhibition ДЭФАРМАЦЫЯ/UNLEARNING, which took place in Poznan in November.

Aleksei Borisionok
Raman Tratsiuk
Vera Zalutskaya
Marina Naprushkina
Martyna Miller

Pawel Leszkowicz

A joint event of the Rönne Foundation, Kalektar and Domie, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The event is part of the BelarusArtChange project, a trilateral German-Polish-Belarusian cooperation to promote sustainable networks for young critical artists. Against the background of the protest movements in Belarus, the project serves to network and consolidate the Belarusian critical art scene. With the help of the online platform Kalektar, the project establishes a comprehensive and open educational and exchange format that enables Belarusian artists, who are often scattered, to network, train and develop joint initiatives.

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